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Manchester United Football Trial

Manchester United Football Trial for all the Premier League Football Teams and latest trial dates and process to get a trial for Manchester United

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Football Trial is your one stop Football Trial website, offering the very latest professional football trials that are available for you to attend. Our Academy Director is known for offering the opportunities to become a professional player and helps find the trials for the level and age that you are at.

Choose Man United Trial

It is important that if you are serious about wanting a trial and wanting to get the best from your football career, then Manchester United are one of the best choices you can make.

It is not as clear cut to get a manchester united trial but is important that only the very best players apply for a trial with them.

You must always keep your dream alive that you want to play professional football, but have to acknowledge that you should find the team that you are comfortable with

History of youth progressing

David Beckham and Ryan Giggs, to name a few have all passed through the manchester united youth system.

Manchester have youth yeams from around 6 years of age and train in groups of 10 players. They train 3 times per week, but also play alongside with there own football teams. They have youth groups up until 14 years of age and can only be offered a youth place from 9 years, and you must live within 1 hour of the training facility. from 9 to 4 years you have to live withn 1 hour 30 minutes of the training facility.

Man Utd Trials

Do Manchester United offer trials, They say NO, and this is a myth. Every player at Manchester United has a trial or is going through trial process pretty much every match they play. Now do they offer open trials that is the question. Years ago yes they did, but more recently clubs have become more secretive bout players, methods and its attitude and processes towards youth players.

This in its own way protects players, but in truth could stop others from ensuring the players are being treated within the leagues rules. Generally they are, but training methods and regimes they like to keep quiet.

Trials all over the world.

The Larger football clubs like Manchester United have recently been granted the permission to have satellite academy places, and now many clubs can get the best players from all different places. So watch this space regarding satellite academy's this is the way clubs will get around the travelling rules for younger players. Remember players are not allowed to move close to the training venue to beat the rules. Although this is placed in doubt as many clubs move older clubs closer to their training facilities.

Older Youth & Adults

Ages of children from 15 are offered opportunities to get schooled and trained by Manchester United. Most of these players move up the system with age, and a couple of these players would have been there a few years. But Academy's are always trying to better themselves. Most of this youth age players are offered scholarships say for 1 year or 2 years, ths generally takes players upto the age of around 18 years. Which is then moving into the reserves and newly formed u 18 & u21 leagues. Generally they have around 20 players in these age groups.

Manchester United Scouts

Manchester United have a number of scouts who are qualified at a certain level and pretty much any coach can send there cv to Manchester united to apply to be a coach or scout. This also includes soccer schools over seas and local schools in UK.

Manchester scouts look at larger clubs locally, and have a set of feeder local clubs that are known for supplying playes to various large clubs.

Trial process

When a player gets a trial or is spotted, the scouts will speak with the manager of your local club. Always be careful as many scouts say they are linked to big clubs, but dont be too alarmed as generally they all have the childrens best interest at heart.

Manchester United Trial
When spotted they will ask you back for a trial of 3 or 6 weeks, and is normally done in writing provided you meet the criteria the league lays down.


We do have a process where by you can apply by sending your cv to Manchester United to apply for a trial, apply for the process below

Manchester United Football Trial

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Manchester United Trial News
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Manchester United will not sell Wayne Rooney even if Fábregas arrives 
Wilfried Zaha earns Manchester United a 2-2 friendly draw with Cerezo Osake

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Manchester United live


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